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Fata Morgana seen on Norwegian coast: Just the hardly visible crest is on real position.

The Fata Morgana Effect

Fairy castles in the air

A mirage in which a building, ship, or other structure appears to hover above the ground was named after the legendary half-sister of King Arthur.
Hubbert's peak as projected in 1956

Hubbert’s Peak

The controversial theory of Peak Oil

A theory proposed in the 1950s says that the world's production of oil has already peaked and is heading toward a rapid decline. Is it truth, fiction, or merely optimism?
The town of Llívia


A little piece of Spain in France

Situated entirely within France, though quite close to the Spanish border, is a town that's considered part of Spain. Both countries go to considerable (if sometimes silly) lengths to protect their turf.
Carbon sequestration diagram

Carbon Sequestration

Greenhouse gas disposal techniques

The world is having trouble reducing its production of carbon dioxide, which increases global warming. But there's a way to make the problem less bad, at least temporarily: storing excess greenhouse gases in a safe place.
Interior of Crypt of Civilization

The Crypt of Civilization

Museum in a time capsule

There are time capsules, and then there are time capsules. A vault sealed in 1940 in Atlanta contains a huge stash of artifacts that should be unearthed in 8113.
A complaints choir in Chicago, 2007

Complaints Choirs

Setting the world’s problems to music

Around the world, choral ensembles have formed for the express purpose of singing litanies of complaints. The result is surprisingly satisfying to listen to.
Artwork representing an electronic nose

Robots that Smell

Artificial noses and beyond

Robots that see and hear are nothing new, but researchers have developed machines that can distinguish and identify odors. Applications include healthcare, public safety, and rescue work.
The NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission

Automatic Transmissions for Bicycles

Reinventing the two-wheeler

Automatic transmissions are common on cars, but a similar technology can provide easier pedaling for bicyclists too. Bike manufacturers are trying to overcome the technical and marketing challenges.
British troops escaping from Dunkirk in lifeboats (France, 1940).

Rescue from Dunkirk

Triumph of His Majesty’s Bathtub Navy

The battle was a failure, but hundreds of thousands of soldiers were rescued from the coast of France by the ordinary citizens who formed the Bathtub Navy.
The Condor, one of many figures of the Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines

Peru’s mysterious geoglyphs

A series of gigantic drawings on a desert floor in Peru depict people, animals, and complex geometric shapes. They were made thousands of years ago, but can only be seen in their totality from the air, making their origin somewhat mysterious.

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