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The current Globe Theatre in London

The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s ideal venue, then and now

Shakespeare's famous Globe Theatre, originally built in 1599, bares little resemblance to what most people think of as a theater today. A replica, made as historically accurate as possible, was built in London in 1996.
Person alone in the woods

13 Ways to Find North If You’re Lost in the Woods

Looking for moss on trees is just the beginning

Shocking but true: even in the 21st century, it's still possible to get lost in the woods. If you ever need to figure out which direction is north, you can use any of numerous methods, ranging from high-tech to low-tech to no-tech.
White Peony Tea

White Tea

Quest for a better brew

Take tender, young tea leaves and dry them quickly without letting them oxidize for a tea with a delicate flavor and, reputedly, numerous health benefits.
Statue of Thomas Jefferson

The Inventions of Thomas Jefferson

The statesman and founding father was also a maker and gadget lover

Thomas Jefferson was many things: a president, a slave owner, a philosopher, a linguist, and an inventor, for starts. Unfortunately, the list of things he invented has been overstated, and yours truly was one of the culprits.
A cat in Houtong, Taiwan

Houtong Cat Village

How cats and residents of a dying Taiwan community saved each other

A former coal-mining village in Taiwan was on the verge of dying out, but then hundreds of stray cats saved the day.
Bananas on a banana plant

The Truth About Bananas

Fingering the world’s most popular tropical fruit

America's favorite fruit comes from an herb, not a tree. The life cycle of this plant, and the working conditions of the people who harvest its fruit, are among the little-known facts about bananas.
Palacio Barolo

Palacio Barolo

The divine office building

A 22-story office building in Buenos Aires, Argentina, may not look like much at first glance. But a closer inspection shows it to be a tribute to Dante's masterpiece The Divine Comedy.
The tomb of Benedict IX

Pope Benedict IX

The worst pope in history?

Whatever your opinions of the Catholic church, there's no getting around the fact that 11th-century Pope Benedict IX set such a high bar for corruption that politicians are still trying to match him to this day.
A Fisher Space Pen

Space Pens

What to use when your writing lacks gravity

They write upside-down, underwater, on grease, in zero gravity, and in a vacuum. But did Space Pens really cost NASA $1 million to develop?
Mixed nuts

Nuts, and Reasonable Facsimiles Thereof

The surprisingly difficult task of defining and categorizing nuts

Trick question: what exactly is a nut, anyway? Whatever your answer is, it's probably wrong (at least according to someone).
A golomyanka

The Golomyanka

A strange fish from Lake Baikal in Siberia

You might think that a dead fish left out in the sun too long would start to rot, and you'd generally be right. But if the stories are true, the Baikal oilfish essentially melts into a puddle of slime.
A manchineel tree

The Manchineel Tree

Some people call it the beach apple, but “Tree of Death” is more apt

Don't touch it, eat its fruit, or even breathe near it. Better yet, don't even look at the world's deadliest tree.
A raclette grill


The cheese that eats like a meal

In the great tradition of Swiss cheeses that require special serving rituals, raclette is a cheese prepared by melting it on a special grill and scraping it onto potatoes.

The Sex Life of Figs

How wasps help give figs that distinctive texture—no, not that way

Figs are full of fiber, nutrients, and…wasps? Only sort of. But the story of how figs reproduce is quite odd.
A fortune cookie

Fortune Cookies

The authentic Japanese-American Chinese treat

You can find fortune cookies at any Chinese restaurant in North America, but they're considered an odd American food in China. They were actually invented in San Francisco, based on a Japanese treat.

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Talk Like Shakespeare Day

William Shakespeare
What better way to celebrate Shakespeare's 454th birthday today than to embarrass yourself by trying unsuccessfully to talk like he wrote?

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