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Aerial view of Jungfrau Park

Mystery Park

The theme park that aliens built

An unusual theme park near Interlaken, Switzerland was designed around exhibits showcasing author Erich von Däniken's theory that aliens brought advanced technology to Earth thousands of years ago.
A shrine to Deolinda Correa

The Legend of Deolinda Correa

Unofficial saint of the desert

An unofficial saint in Argentina, Deolinda Correa is honored with shrines all over the country. As legend has it, she was able to keep her newborn son alive even after she died.
A silent disco

Quiet Parties

Silent night out on the town

A night out on the town with friends doesn't have to mean a headache and a sore throat from yelling over the din at a noisy bar or club. You can get all the interaction, but without the noise, if you know where to go.
The East Indiaman Götheborg

The Swedish Ship Götheborg

Rebuilding history

A Swedish trading ship that sank in 1745 was recently rebuilt and has once again sailed to China. Although the new ship makes some concessions to modern shipbuilding requirements, it remains true to the spirit of the original.
Personal space diagram


The study of personal space

If you've ever had the feeling that others are standing a bit too close to you, you're not alone. Each individual and culture has different notions of what distances are appropriate for certain kinds of interactions, and mismatches can be uncomfortable.
A lost-and-found box

Online Lost-and-Found Services

A better way to get your stuff back?

If you lose your luggage, wallet, keys, glasses, or phone, you might try checking at the nearest lost-and-found department. Better yet: open a web browser.
Silhouettes of people dancing


Getting grown-ups back into their bodies

When adults forget how to play, this program can help to remind them what it's like to have fun in some of the most basic human ways.
An artist drawing with the aid of a camera obscura

Optical Painters’ Aids

A matter of perspective

A debate raging in the art world involves the claim that Vermeer and other famous painters used optical aids such as a camera obscura to achieve realistic perspectives in their work.
Mate in a traditional gourd with a bombilla


The national beverage of Argentina

The national beverage of Argentina is vaguely reminiscent of tea, but you shouldn't just drink it; you ought to have the right equipment and understand the rituals.
A geocache


Adventures with GPS and hiking boots

For a high-tech but somewhat retro outdoor adventure activity, pick up your smartphone or GPS, lace up your hiking boots, and treat yourself to a treasure hunt.
A fire piston in action

Fire Pistons

The primitive hi-tech fire starters

You don't need matches, fancy chemicals, flint and steel, or even a pair of sticks to start a fire. Try a fire piston, a remarkably low-tech device that uses compressed air instead.
Wild ponies on Assateague Island

Assateague Island

An island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia has beautiful, uncommercial beaches, but is best known for the horses that live there and the unusual way the locals keep their numbers under control.
A ventless washer/dryer

Ventless Clothes Dryers

Laundry without the hot air

Amazing but true: you can machine-dry clothes without venting hot, moist air (or indeed any air at all). You can even have a combination washing machine and ventless dryer in one. Clever engineering triumphs again.
The Egely Wheel

The Egely Wheel

Vital energy measurement for the masses

A small electronic device can supposedly measure your ch'i, or vital force. But is it it a technological marvel, a hoax, or just wishful thinking?
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin CDs

Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin

Serious pop from the other Dave Stewart

This duo, which does not include a former Eurythmics member, creates rich, interesting pop music for grown-ups. After a hiatus of many years, they're finally back.

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