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An indoor labyrinth

Labyrinth Walks

The twisty path to clarity

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress, but it need not involve sitting still. One increasingly popular form of meditation involves walking along a twisty path known as a labyrinth.
Pan del Indio

Pan del Indio

The little orange beech balls

On certain trees in Patagonia, large, otherworldly orange fungus globules grow. If you can get past the "yuck" factor, they actually make a tasty treat.
Carolina Eyck playing the theremin

The Theremin

Electronic music’s original user interface

The world's first electronic musical instrument didn't have a keyboard or strings. Its user interface consisted of two antennas, and you played it by waving your hands.
A clock that shows both decimal and conventional time

Decimal Time

Solutions for people who need 100 hours in a day

The division of days into 24 hours and hours into 60 minutes is arbitrary and makes calculation awkward. Why not use a system based on units of 10 and 100? Some people have tried, with lackluster results.
Underwater hockey

Underwater Hockey

A breathtakingly unusual sport

It may sound like a joke, but a type of hockey played on the bottom of a swimming pool is becoming a serious international sport.
Buletin ov the Speling Reform Asoshiashun, 1880

English Spelling Reform

The difficult path to simpler spelling

Everyone agrees that English spelling is far too complicated and difficult to learn. But the barriers to solving those problems are unthinkably high.
BookCrossing labels and supplies


Passing the book

If you love a book, set it free. That's the idea behind a service that aims to turn the entire world into a library by recirculating good, used books in public places.
Illustration of a Kakapo

The Kākāpō Parrot

Staying alive despite its best efforts

A severely endangered species, this highly unusual flightless bird in New Zealand evolved with virtually no means of defense against predators. After driving them to the brink of extinction, humans are now their best hope for survival.
The ingredients of pykrete

Project Habakkuk

Building aircraft carriers out of ice

During World War II, the Allies concocted an ambitious, if flawed, plan to construct torpedo-proof aircraft carriers out of ice in order to protect shipping channels beyond the reach of land-based aircraft.
Ice-nine (artist's conception)


The new form of water that almost was

Russian scientists in the 1960s claimed to have produced a new form of water that was as thick as a syrup and had both a high boiling point and a low freezing point. This controversial substance turned out to have a more mundane explanation.
A Giant Eastern Murex

The Color Purple

Shades of royalty and mythology

The color of royalty, purple is more than just a pretty shade. One the one hand, it has the odd property of being a sort of optical illusion, and on the other, we owe all our modern fabric dyes to its existence.
Illustration of the Porsolt forced swim test

Quantifying Despair and Depression

Keep swimming

You may feel more happy or more depressed from one day to the next, but how might one go about measuring a person's level of despair or depression? Several clinical tools attempt to address this tricky question.


When words intertwingle

A linguistic phenomenon in which two words combine in certain ways to form a new one was named, and put to great comedic effect, by Lewis Carroll.
An intaglio plate and print

Intaglio Printing

Duplicating under pressure

For the highest quality large-scale printing possible with current technology, use the technique that carved out a niche for itself in paper currency.
The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

Underground city of salt

This salt mine in Poland has all the comforts of home, including dining rooms, ballrooms, chapels, and even chandeliers carved entirely from pure salt.

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National Relaxation Day

Humans relaxing by the sea
You're too busy and stressed, but don't worry. Some kid said that you can leave all that behind for the day, and who are you to argue?

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