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The Sex Life of Figs

How wasps help give figs that distinctive texture—no, not that way

Figs are full of fiber, nutrients, and…wasps? Only sort of. But the story of how figs reproduce is quite odd.
A fortune cookie

Fortune Cookies

The authentic Japanese-American Chinese treat

You can find fortune cookies at any Chinese restaurant in North America, but they're considered an odd American food in China. They were actually invented in San Francisco, based on a Japanese treat.
A fossa

The Fossa

The animal from Madagascar that looks like a cross between a cat and a dog

If you happen to be wandering through the forests of Madagascar and see a tree-dwelling creature that looks like a mashup of cat, dog, and monkey, you're looking at a curious animal called the fossa.
The Bavarian Purity Law

The Bavarian Purity Law

Beer and tradition

Good brewers around the world still follow a Bavarian law from 1516 that stipulates the only three allowable ingredients in beer. Or four, if you count yeast.
A man whistling in Silbo Gomero

Silbo Gomero, the Whistling Language

Spanish like you've never heard it before

One of the world's most unusual languages, Silbo Gomero takes sounds from the local Spanish dialect and represents them as whistles. This allows people to communicate clearly over much greater distances than if they were yelling.
Enterprise monument in Vulcan, Alberta

Vulcan, Alberta

The town that’s out of this world

A small town in Alberta, Canada was originally named after a Roman god, but more recently the citizens have capitalized on the name's connection to Star Trek as a way of promoting tourism.
The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Grooves from the garden

That selection of fresh vegetables you just bought from the market could make a delicious soup or...a complete orchestra. In Vienna, a group of artists has combined food and music in a wacky and innovative way.
An omelet at La Mère Poulard

The Omelets of La Mère Poulard

The quintessential egg dish at a French landmark, but only for those who qualify

A restaurant on the breathtaking (if touristy) island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy is famous for its labor-intensive omelets. You might be surprised what's inside (and what isn't)…and they won't serve these to just anyone.
Powdered Peanut Butter

Powdered Peanut Butter

PB without the B?

Powdered peanut butter is a recent food trend, but how does it compare to the real thing?
A wood frog

The Wood Frog

This amphibian can be completely frozen for months without dying

A small frog species that lives as far north as the Arctic Circle has an amazing biological mechanism that allows it to spend the entire winter apparently dead, but then spring back to life.

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