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Interesting Thing of the Day Turns 15

We’re back! No, seriously.

Interesting Thing of the Day came to life 15 years ago. Today, we celebrate that anniversary with a huge makeover. After 10 full years of hiatus, during which the site did nothing but republish old articles, we're bringing ITotD back in a new form, and with brand new content.
Paris Plage

Paris Plages

Bringing the beach to Paris

For a month every summer, an artificial beach appears along the bank of the Seine in Paris. It has everything you'd expect from a real beach (crowds, noise, sunburn) without any of that irritating ocean view.

Cow Sharing

Getting the milk for free

If you'd like to drink fresh, unpasteurized milk, your options for doing so legally are limited because of health concerns. One clever workaround is becoming part-owner of a cow yourself.


Bali’s day of silence

On the day designated as the beginning of the new year in Bali, residents celebrate with silence, pretty much the opposite of the way it's done in North America.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Faith with a side of Parmesan

In the ongoing battle between so-called Intelligent Design and evolution, one figure stands (or rather flies) above the rest: the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who created the world with his Powerful Noodly Appendage.

Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear capital of the world

A tiny town in northern Manitoba is accessible only by rail or air, but it still manages to draw more tourists each year than it can handle. The big draw? Polar bears, which you can observe from the comfort of a huge, heated Tundra Buggy.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Engineering marvel of the Canal Age

A Welsh aqueduct completed in the early 19th century was constructed right over a river; instead of being used to transport water, it used water to transport cargo.

DNA Fingerprinting

Not just for crime fighting

Everyone knows that DNA can be used to identify a child's parents or solve crimes, but the applications of DNA fingerprinting are spreading. The technique can be used to authenticate rice, wine, or medicine, fight disease, and trace human migration.


A little piece of Spain in France

Situated entirely within France, though very close to the Spanish border, is a town that's considered part of Spain. Both countries go to considerable (if sometimes silly) lengths to protect their turf.

Disappearing Island Nations

Sinking feelings and global warming

Due to global warming, ocean levels are rising to the extent that some low-lying island nations, such as the Maldives, could be completely submerged in a matter of decades.

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