Tomatoes and a bottle of ketchup

You know the drill: on National Donut Day, we eat donuts; on National Cheese Day, we eat cheese, and so on. Pretty straightforward. But ketchup—as much as I like it—is not a food I can imagine eating on its own. I mean, I would happily dip a French fry in ketchup, but just eating a spoonful of ketchup by itself sounds gross. So celebrating the day properly means planning for the correct vehicle to deliver the ketchup to your mouth. Fries are the obvious choice, but ketchup is also great on other foods, such as scrambled eggs, hamburgers, or macaroni & cheese (yes, really). If you want to put ketchup on, you know, weird stuff, I might have a judgment about that, but I’ll keep it to myself…just for today.

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