A box of donuts

If I indulged in every food and drink item just because it was National Whatever Day, I think I can safely say my health (and sanity) would suffer. However, let there be no doubt that I will be consuming donuts—almost certainly more than one—today, on National Donut Day. Although San Diego has many fine choices when it comes to donuts, on this occasion I’ll be visiting Nomad Donuts in North Park, which has amazingly inventive and delicious flavors. All things being equal (which they rarely are), I prefer yeast donuts to cake donuts, and the spelling donut to doughnut, because who has time to type all those extra, unpronounced letters? If you prefer free donuts—and if you don’t mind waiting in a long line—you might be able to find what you’re looking for at a local Krispy Kreme or other donut shop.

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