Hard candy

You take some sugar, add a little color and flavor, heat it up, and pour it into molds. Voilà: hard candy. OK, raise your hand if you loved getting hard candy in your Halloween basket. Nobody? That’s what I thought. I’m sorry to say this, but we must face facts: hard candy is boring. I mean, it’s pretty much the quintessential example of candy, and yet it would almost certainly be my very last choice, given virtually any other type of candy. I like candy that’s chewable, not candy that sits around in my mouth for 20 minutes gradually decreasing in size while rotting my teeth. But I’ll be generous and let poor boring hard candy have one day. That’s today, National Hard Candy Day. Tomorrow, however, it’s back to chocolate, caramel, nougat, taffy, gummies, and other real candy.

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