A chocolate chip cookie

Today, we leave behind the savory dubiousness of the green bean casserole for a food I can unreservedly endorse: the cookie. December 4 is National Cookie Day, so here’s what you should do. First, eat a cookie. That will get the day off on the right foot. Second, bake some cookies. (Snacking on the raw cookie dough is slightly dangerous, but extremely delicious.) Third, eat some, but not all, of the cookies you baked. And finally, share the remaining cookies with the cookie-less. Of course, the platonic ideal of a cookie is the chocolate chip cookie, although many other acceptable varieties exist. (Oatmeal raisin cookies are not acceptable, even if you like oatmeal and raisins, because they’re too easily mistaken for chocolate chip cookies, and nobody should have to deal with that sort of disappointment.)

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