Interior of a time machine

Time travel, as everyone knows, can get messy, so bear with me here. In the original Back to the Future, the action begins on October 26, 1985—that’s the date on which Marty McFly travels into the past, and thus the future date he needs to get back to. But today, you will notice, is not October 26, it’s October 21. That date is significant for a different reason—in Back to the Future, Part II, Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown travel forward in time to October 21, 2015—that amazing high-tech future that had hoverboards and flying cars and self-lacing shoes. Oh, and Mr. Fusion machines. Well, in this timeline, we didn’t quite accomplish all that by 2015, but we get a bit closer every year. So even though it’s no longer 2015, today’s a good day to remember—and perhaps strive for—the past’s version of the future.