A chocolate milkshake
Image credit: By Visitor7 [CC BY-SA 3.0 ],from Wikimedia Commons

In my personal hierarchy of ice cream-based beverages, the milkshake has always been a notch below the float, which (on account of the bubbles and extra flavor) always seemed fancier, more interesting, and more satisfying (not to mention easier to drink, at least if you blend the ice cream and the soda, which I do). However, I must admit that as I’ve gotten older—and despite the higher calorie and fat content—I’ve developed a genuine fondness for milkshakes, on the sole condition that the ice cream is chocolate, or at least contains chocolate. (Bonus points if you add malt, of course.) I like to think of a chocolate milkshake as a meal in itself, in that it offers all four major food groups (chocolate, caffeine, dairy, and sugar). But then I get confused about what to have for dessert.