A TV dinner ad

We don’t eat many prepackaged, single-serving, frozen meals in our family, but I remember, as a child, when a “TV dinner” was a rare and special treat. In those days, the dinners came packaged in foil trays and were heated in an oven; nowadays, frozen meals are almost invariably microwaveable. Swanson invented the term “TV Dinner” and used it on their packaging and in their ads from 1953 to 1962. But for many years afterward, people referred to such meals as TV Dinners, and I hear that occasionally even today. One thing hasn’t changed: they always look much better on the box than they do in real life. Oh well. In honor of TV Dinner Day, put your best tablecloth on the table, pour a nice glass of a fine wine, nuke a frozen dinner, and tune your gigantic 8K TV to your favorite sitcom. Enjoy.

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