Reading a book

September 6 is Read a Book Day—or maybe National Read a Book Day, depending on who you ask. For me, this means choosing from among my backlog of dozens of books (some print, some ebook) that I’ve bought but not yet read, and putting in as much time as I can afford to read one—which, realistically, means I might get through a chapter or two. Because I have to worry about my day job, which is writing and publishing books, and that’s quite time-consuming. I hope you, too, have a backlog of books waiting to be read, because that means you’re my kind of person! If you don’t, your local library or bookstore will have plenty of options for you, and I hear there’s also this place in Seattle that can fix you up. (Or, if you think Amazon has quite enough money, you can instead shop at that place in Portland—I was just there a couple of weeks ago, and stocked up!)

If you’re entirely at a loss for what book to read, well, I could recommend one of the books I’ve written, or any of numerous other fine Take Control books from a variety of authors. Enjoy!