Look, I love dogs, get along great with dogs, have no problem whatsoever with dogs…as long as they’re other people’s dogs—dog ownership is not a good fit for me. But today, I’ll make a special effort to extend warm feelings to any canines I come across. August 26 was designated National Dog Day by—you’ll never guess—the National Dog Day Foundation, which aims to increase public awareness of dogs needing to be rescued from public shelters and other difficult situations. Another thing we need to raise public awareness about is how to say common dog-related phrases in Latin. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Day of the dog: Canis dies
  • Hair of the dog: Capillus de canis
  • Beware of the dog: Cave canem
  • My dogs are barking: Canem irritare quam anum mea
  • Who let the dogs out? Agentibus emissumque canis de?
  • Seize the dog: Carpe canis

Bonus points if you can teach your dog to respond to Latin commands, and triple bonus points if your dog can bark in Latin.