A girl eating a peach

Some of these “national whatever days” can get pretty obscure and complicated. Not today. It’s National Eat a Peach Day, so I think your mission is pretty clear. If you like—or at least tolerate—peaches, you should eat a peach today. (And if you can’t tolerate peaches…wow, I’m just so sad for you. Peaches are amazing.) In case there’s any confusion on the matter, allow me to offer a mini-FAQ:

Q: What food are we getting excited about today?
A: The peach.

Q: What should I do about peaches today?
A: You should eat one.

Q: Can I eat more than one?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do canned, frozen, or otherwise non-fresh peaches count? What about peach pie? Peach cobbler? Peach ice cream?
A: Eat peaches in whatever form you prefer. But lemme tell ya, there’s just nothing like a fresh, juicy, recently picked peach.

Q: This is a “national” day, but for which nation?
A: It was created in the United States, but if you live in a nation where peaches exist, you are welcome to consider it a holiday in your nation too.

Q: If I like the peach I eat today, may I have another one tomorrow?
A: Since you asked so nicely, I’ll allow it.