Image credit: By Gimlifangirl [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

It is possible I’ve never eaten spumoni. If I did, it must have been a long time ago, because it should have been memorable. Indeed, other than being vaguely aware that it was some type of frozen dairy product, I couldn’t have told you what spumoni even is. I had to look it up, because I can’t really celebrate National Spumoni Day otherwise! (The nation in question, by the way, is the United States—sorry, Canadians, you have to wait until November 13 for your National Spumoni Day.)

OK, for the other, I guess, three people in the world who don’t already know, lemme splain spumoni. First of all, the Italian word we should probably be using is spumone, with an “e” at the end, which is the singular form of the noun; spumoni is the plural. (I mean, you can eat as many spumoni as you like; I don’t judge.) It is a layered dessert, usually with three differently flavored layers of gelato, along with nuts, candied fruit, and whipped cream. Well, that sounds delightful! Let’s all go sample some today and expand our dessert horizons.