Chocolate chip cookies

I did a brief double-take when I saw that August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Didn’t we already do that a couple of months ago? But no—May 15 was National Chocolate Chip Day, on which we were intended to appreciate the chips qua chips. Today we celebrate the chips’ rightful home, inside cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies and I go way back. My mom frequently made her special recipe, which she called CCCC for “Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies” (including both maraschino cherries and walnuts), and that was what I came to regard as a normal chocolate chip cookie. You can probably guess my favorite Sesame Street character, too. When I grew up and started baking my own cookies, I made some improvements to that recipe (starting with doubling the quantity of chocolate chips, because seriously, that’s the whole point). I have to leave out the walnuts if I want my wife to eat them, which conversely means I’d have a convenient way to prevent my wife from eating them if I were mean, which I’m not. Usually. Buy (or, better yet, bake) some chocolate chip cookies today. If in doubt, use more chips.

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