Black and red caviar

I know, I know, you eat caviar every day, so why do we need a special day to celebrate it? Well, there are some people in the world who aren’t made of money, who consider sturgeon roe from the Black Sea or the Caspian Sea kind of a delicacy, or who are just a wee bit put off by the look, smell, or taste of slimy fish eggs. These less-enlightened souls need a special day—July 18—to call special attention to this ordinary, everyday treat. Weird, right?

I’ve had caviar a few times and my feelings can best be described as “meh.” I’m not put off by it but I wouldn’t seek it out either. Expensive or not, it just doesn’t do anything for me. So I shan’t be partaking today, but I’ll take special care today not to judge you if you do.

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