French fries

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th, but today’s your lucky day if you like fried potato products. It’s National French Fries Day!

Grammatically speaking, if you want to be nitpickingly correct, today should be National French Fry Day (as, indeed, some sources refer to it). But no one ever makes, orders, or eats a French fry. And, unlike, say, rice or popcorn, English hasn’t yet evolved to the point where “French fry” is a mass noun, as in “a heaping plate of French fry.” Maybe some day. Anyway! Today we celebrate this delicious food—which, by the way, is from (French-speaking) Belgium, not France—by, presumably, eating a whole lot of it/them. (Now I’m trying but failing to imagine ordering a side of “Belgian fry.” Oh well…)

I grew up in the United States, so ketchup is my go-to sauce, but I also enjoy mayonnaise, curry sauce, ranch dressing, and pretty much anything else I’ve ever tried dipping fries into—not to mention poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds, a Canadian specialty) and chili cheese fries. Today, enjoy pommes frites with the accompaniment of your choice, or even natures if that’s how you roll. A bunch of restaurant chains have deals on fries today!