Food on a barbecue

I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that someone picked July 4—a day when half the residents of the United States will be barbecuing anyway, because it’s summer and it’s a holiday and it’s a day off work and that’s what people do under those circumstances—to be National Barbecue Day. I mean, what are the chances? So the message, I think, is: carry on. Do what you were going to do anyway. But, if you’re one of those few people who were planning to stay indoors and eat conventionally cooked food, just remember what you’re missing. Wind. Flies. Fumes. Inconvenience. Expense. Way more effort than is necessary to put some singed food on a plate (not to mention the additional hassle of setup and cleanup). In other words, the very best way to celebrate National Barbecue Day is to get invited to someone else’s barbecue. Bonus points if you get to eat inside!