A hamburger
Image credit: By Len Rizzi (photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m not sure what needs to be said about National Hamburger Day other than: Hey, burgers are great! Eat one today! (And, of course, we’re not going to be pedantic here about what counts as a “hamburger.” Cheeseburgers, elk burgers, and veggie burgers wrapped in lettuce are all A-OK. Pastrami, alas, doesn’t count, but you’re permitted to have pastrami for lunch and then a burger for supper. We’re not unreasonable.) But please, if you have the choice, eat a burger (of whatever sort) made out of, you know, actual fresh, human-recognizable ingredients.

As for me, I face a tough choice. As a resident of southern California, I’m required by international statute to endorse In-N-Out, and I do. Their burgers are fresh, serviceable, and cheap. But there are other, smaller chains like Burger Lounge and The Habit Burger Grill that serve burgers that are bigger, juicier, and more interesting. And then there’s my go-to burger joint, Crazee Burger (in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood), which offers burgers made with such atypical meats as lamb, buffalo, gator, venison, ostrich, camel, elk, wild boar, and duck. Sometimes kangaroo, too. Or, you know, beef, if you’re into that sort of thing. Delish.