Take Control of Your Online Privacy cover

It seems like every few days I run across yet another news story about a privacy catastrophe of one kind or another. Maybe it’s a huge corporation that suffered some sort of data breach, revealing private data about millions of customers. Or slimy behavior by social media companies like Facebook and Twitter. Or the latest creepy attempts by advertisers to track people’s movements across the web without their permission. Or any of countless other examples of how using the internet puts your personal information—and perhaps even your physical safety—at risk.

Online privacy is a hot mess these days, and with few exceptions, the big tech companies are working against greater privacy protections, not for it. It’s enough to drive even tech experts (to say nothing of the rest of us) to despair. That’s why I wrote Take Control of Your Online Privacy—I felt the world needed an easy-to-read summary of what the threats are and how ordinary people can achieve a reasonable level of privacy online without abandoning all technology and heading off to live in a cave somewhere. This book tackles web browsing, email, digital payments, social media, file sharing, and numerous other types of online activity, showing users of any platform what they can do to protect their private data. The brand-new fourth edition, released last week, brings the book fully up to date with all the latest techniques, hardware, and software you can use to keep your personal data private. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

This book, like all Take Control titles, comes as an ebook, and you can download any combination of formats—PDF, EPUB, and/or Kindle’s Mobipocket format—so you can read it on pretty much any computer, smartphone, tablet, or ebook reader. The cover price is $14.99, but as an Interesting Thing of the Day reader, you can buy it this week for 30% off, or just $10.49.

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