Spinach leaves

Yesterday was Waffle Day, and I did in fact make waffles for the family. Mmmmmm. So what delicious, sweet, crispy treat awaits us today? (Checks notes.) Oh. Well, spinach may not be terribly exciting, but…wow, so much nutrition!

Spinach is one of those foods that, as a kid, I was so thoroughly convinced I’d hate (based on its appearance and smell) that I would not, under any circumstances, allow it near my mouth. And let’s face it, cooked spinach is kinda gross looking. But fresh baby spinach is great in a salad, and cooked spinach has really grown on me too, as long as it’s not mushy. (So, sorry, but no canned or frozen spinach for me. I have to draw the line somewhere.)

It so happens we have no spinach in the house right now, but we do have leftover waffles, so I may just have to pretend.

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