A bowl of whipped cream
Image credit: Pixabay

When we lived in Paris, there was a restaurant we went to occasionally that had a curious item on its dessert menu: a bowl of whipped cream. (In French, whipped cream is either “crème fouettée” or “(crème) Chantilly,” Chantilly being the name of a town near Paris.) I didn’t order it; at the time, that struck me as quite odd, because I’d only ever conceived of whipped cream as a topping, not as a standalone food. But I eventually came around, and I now frequently eat bowls of whipped cream (perhaps with chocolate chips or nuts or whatever). It’s much lighter than ice cream, and yet still satisfying. (For bonus points, I make my own whipped cream, and I use a calorie-free sweetener instead of sugar.) That’s not the only way to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day, of course, but it’s a pretty fantastic way.