A pickle

OK, pickles. I’m going to say this, and you’re not going to like it. It is an Unpopular Opinion. But I believe in truthfulness, even when it’s painful. I…don’t like dill pickles. At all. In fact, I actively dislike them. Crucially, it’s not the cucumber part that I dislike, or even the pickled part. It’s the dill. I don’t get along with dill in any form. You know how some people just can’t deal with cilantro? I’m that way with dill. (Well, not so fond of cilantro either, now that I think about it, and if we’re making a laundry list of foods we don’t like, we might as well throw onions in there too.) But! The thing is, I just love sweet pickles. I could eat them every day. What a delight! Because, see, no dill.

Today’s National Pickle Day, but let’s celebrate it as National Whatever Kind of Pickle You Honestly Like, Or If None, Then That’s Fine Too Day.

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