Chocolate pudding
Image credit: By E4024 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

I could eat chocolate pudding every day, and having just said that, I’m doing some soul searching to determine why it has been literally months since I last had chocolate pudding. I mean, we have chocolate pudding mix in the pantry, and we even have whipped cream and nuts to top it with. Clearly I have some mental defect that needs remedying, and I’m pretty sure the remedy is chocolate pudding. Today’s the day: June 26—National Chocolate Pudding Day.

Now, you can make chocolate pudding from scratch, or you can use a mix, but the ideal way to enjoy chocolate pudding is:

  1. Obtain a 112-ounce can of chocolate pudding. (Yes, that’s quite large.)
  2. Obtain a can opener.
  3. Obtain a spoon.
  4. Take the aforementioned objects onto the nearest roof. Be careful to avoid zombies.
  5. Enjoy.