Cooking ingredients
Image credit: Photo via Good Free Photos

May 9 is National Foodies Day, a day for unselfconscious food geeks gastronomes to indulge their passion for food even more conspicuously than usual. My wife and I used to be foodies, and I kind of miss it. We cooked a lot, had all the fancy gadgets, held dinner parties, dined out at exclusive and fabulously expensive restaurants, rubbed elbows with celebrity chefs and food bloggers, and so on. Then we had a couple of kids, whose culinary interests run the gamut from chicken strips to French fries. That—along with a general lack of sleep, energy, time, space, and money—has kind of changed our whole attitude toward food; it’s no longer recreational, it’s just fuel. Sometimes I pine for the old days of foodie-ism, but since my life just doesn’t accommodate it right now, I’ll content myself with encouraging other people to hug their favorite foodie today.