Password art

Needless to say, everyone loves passwords. No, wait, sorry. I was thinking of puppies. There’s probably a World Puppy Day, but this isn’t it. In 2013, Intel designated the first Thursday in May as World Password Day, not because passwords are awesome, but because people need to pay more attention to them—or risk hacking, identity theft, and other perils. If you’re not confident that all your passwords (you do have lots of them, right?) are strong enough to withstand a sophisticated cracking attempt, there’s no better day than today to do something about that. You should start by choosing a good password manager app. If you want help with that—and a detailed yet easy-to-read guide that fills in the rest of the password story—I’d like to shamelessly recommend my book on that topic, Take Control of Your Passwords. And, if you happen to choose 1Password as your password manager, I have a book just about that, too: Take Control of 1Password.

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