An external hard drive

Every year, March 31—the day before April Fools’ Day (so it’s easy to remember)—is World Backup Day. Speaking as someone who has written quite a lot about backups (like Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac) and Wirecutter’s redundantly titled The Best Online Cloud Backup Service, this is an annual observance I can truly get behind. If you aren’t 100% positive that all your data (files, photos, contacts, email, etc.) could be completely restored even if, say, a space station fell on your house, now’s the time to get your digital life in order. There are lots of ways to back up your devices, and some are better than others, but something is better than nothing.

Save 67%! This weekend only (through April 1), my book Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac is on sale for just $5—that’s 67% off the $14.99 cover price! If you’re a Mac user, I hope you’ll take advantage of this occasion to learn the best ways to keep your data safe.

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