An apple tart (an approximation of apple pie)
Image credit: Stacy Spensley [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Pi Day was, of course, on 3.14 (March 14). The fact that such a date can exist depends on the unusual but (in my opinion correct) manner in which North Americans render dates: month-day(-year). There being no 14th month, people who render dates as day-month can’t celebrate Pi Day. But! What they can and do celebrate is Pi Approximation Day. That’s today, July 22, or 22/7 in most of the world. And 22/7 is approximately π—well, it’s 3.142857143, which is as close as you can get by dividing dates on a calendar. In fairness, Pi Day is itself an approximation, and not necessarily a better one. So let’s say today is the day we extend an olive branch to those who think about their calendar a little differently, in the name of honoring the great irrational constant π. Now, on Pi Day we eat pie, which is approximately pi. So, on Pi Approximation Day, I guess you should eat something that’s approximately like pie. A tart, let’s say?