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Autumn colors of Patagonia


The great southern frontier

Famous for its wool and its visits by Darwin, Chatwin, and Theroux, Patagonia is a vast region of South America with surprising things around every corner (even if the corners are hundreds of miles apart).

What’s Left of Patagonia

Odds and ends from the odd end of the world

From seals and sea lions to sheep, Calafate berries, and a picturesque train ride, Patagonia is home to a number of interesting things that didn't manage to find their way into other Interesting Thing of the Day articles.
Sign outside the Ty Gwyn tea house in Gaiman, Argentina


New Wales in Patagonia

Deep in the heart of Argentina is a quaint little town founded by a Pennsylvanian and inhabited largely by immigrants who still speak Welsh.
Caleta Valdés

Caleta Valdés

Defying continental drift

Continental drift is gradually moving South America to the west, while the east cost is eroding or receding due to rising ocean levels. But in one small spot, the continent is growing eastward.
The face of the Perito Moreno glacier in December 2004

The Perito Moreno Glacier

Breaking the ice rules

Surprisingly, this river of ice in Argentina is neither retreating nor advancing. Its face divides a lake in two, and dramatic ruptures periodically reconnect the two sections.
Satellite image of Tierra del Fuego

Legends of Tierra del Fuego

The incredible shrinking southern continent

An untidy chain of islands that forms the southernmost tip of South America confounded explorers and cartographers for centuries. Magellan called it the Land of Fire.
Ushuaia, Argentina


City at the end of the world

The city at the end of the world is a hot spot for tourists, especially those going to Antarctica. Like Australia, it was once a penal colony.
Yaghan (Yámana) people in Tierra del Fuego, ca. 1920

Extinction of the Yámana

The end of the race at the end of the world

Well-meaning but misguided missionaries were responsible for wiping out an entire race of people who had managed to migrate farther than any other human group.
Magellanic penguins

Magellanic Penguins

The colorful features of monochrome birds

What's that burrowing a hole under a shrub in the middle of an arid steppe in Patagonia? A penguin, of course. The most common penguin species doesn't entirely fit the image most of us have.
Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos

Ancient spray-painted art in Patagonia

Spray-painting (of sorts) is thousands of years old, and well-preserved examples of art using this technique are found on a rock face in Patagonia.

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